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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Finch Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program

These Terms and Conditions ("Agreement") is a legal agreement between you, the affiliate ("you" or "your") and Finch Affiliates (“Finch Affiliates”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) governing your participation in the Finch Affiliates Casino Affiliate Program. By registering for our program and/or using the services provided by us, you agree to be bound by this Agreement.


  1. Eligibility: To join our program you must be over 18 years old and have a valid email address. You must also comply with all applicable laws when using our service. We reserve the right to refuse participation in our program at any time without prior notice.

  2. Payments: Payments are made on a monthly basis through an approved payments processor chosen by us at that time. All payments are due within 30 days after the end of each month unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. We may set thresholds for minimum payments or other requirements for payment processing times for payouts to affiliates which will be determined and communicated in advance.

  3. Commission Structure: Commissions are paid out according to the commission structure chosen by you from those available on our platform at any given time. The amount of commission earned may vary depending on referred traffic performance and conversions as measured by us in real-time or other methods we choose from time to time.

  4. Content Guidelines: You agree not to engage in spam tactics or any other illegal or unethical activities when promoting our programs including creating false reviews online or deceptive marketing materials such as fake screen shots of payment proof etc., content plagiarism or copyright infringement etc., Any illegal activities found on behalf of an affiliate may result in immediate suspension from the program with no further refunds of commissions earned up until that point if applicable.

  5. Representations & Warranties: You represent, warrant and covenant that your use of our website(s), content, products and services will not violate any law or regulation applicable to you; it will not infringe upon any rights of third parties including intellectual property rights; content you post will not contain viruses, trojans horses worms malicious code spyware adware dialers phishing software fraud ware key loggers malicious scripts root kits worms popups cancel bots etc.; nor will it contain any obscene or offensive materials; nor will it involve sending unsolicited communications mass mailing posting advertisements etc.. Breach of this agreement may trigger compensation claims against affiliates if established through court proceedings related thereto by us.. If these terms are breached we reserve the right to suspend your account without further notice and take appropriate legal action against you as deemed necessary by us at that time..

  6. Limitation Of Liability: To the maximum extent permitted under applicable law, Finch Affiliates shall not be liable under contract tort negligence strict liability product liability indemnity law breach warranty public liability investment loss interest rate differential whatever form (even if advised of its potential) arising out of or related to this Agreement for consequential special incidental direct exemplary punitive indirect damages costs lost profits goodwill business interruption loss incurred data recovery cost stoppage loss sales opportunities infringement losses etc.. This limitation carries regardless whether such losses were foreseeable even if advised about potential liability however caused under theory contract tort negligence responsibility whatsoever case theory application law etc.. Notwithstanding anything herein stated Finch Affliiates shall never be held liable under criminal law mandated regulations fine imprisonment act codes opinions decrees statutes customs criminal duties taxes interests governmental agencies' orders republics states effects whatever choice wherein any connected instances could occur... For example but not limited towards towards only violations committed during advertising performance post-performance patent trademark copyright violations copy write pirating public image violations undertaken with intent deceive manipulate circumvent internet protocol spoofing celebrity likeness usage unauthorized uses impersonation identity theft discrimination untrue slander libel hacked invaded information destruction misrepresentation computer systems crashing virus transmissions incorrect advice unlawful acts misleading statements conspiracies privacy invasions disclosure trade secrets deceptive practice et cetera.... Furthermore Finch AFfiliates accepts no liabilities regarding disputes between publishers users advertised sites advertisers linked websites chosen software applications contract partner companies installed equipment third party professionals outright preventing running correctly operating correctly containing infested programming batch files scripts macros violation laws combined list .. Further more Finch AFfiliates does not accept liabilities regarding operations internal processes nor external influences beyond company control boundaries released which maybe imposed contracts codified agreed language verbally either manner both ways implied expressed aforementioned items causing losses monetary form lack internet presence brand reputation connective faults breakdown service.... In short we cannot guarantee continuous interference free access availability secure operations uninterrupted OR mistake free servers protection granted networks computers accessable retained protect free clear uncontaminated unaltered uninterupted virus totally safe respect emailing downloading uploading timely productive way .. Any connections operations activities handling imposed policies regards electronic mail newsletters websites arranged correspondence created sent received stored transmit accessed hosted edited printed collected

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